Argan Hair Conditioner

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Argan oil detangler 200ml

Detangling your hair has never been easier. With this conditioner rich in argan oil, get rid of knots while nourishing your hair!

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Give your hair a moment of softness with this incredible conditioner that is both fortifying and nourishing. Bring your hair back to life and let the wonderful argan oil bring it back to life with all its splendor and shine. Your hair is more voluminous, looks much more moisturized, is easier to style and more resistant to damage.

The benefits of the detangler with argan oil

Damage caused by exposure to heat and chemicals attacks the scalp, but the benefits of argan oil repair it and help it regain its balance without greasing it. With the moisturizing conditioner, say goodbye to damaged hair!

Ingredients of the detangler with argan oil

In addition to the famous argan oil, here are the main ingredients of the product:

  • Keratin: it strengthens the hair cuticle and stimulates hair growth.
  • Shea butter: very nourishing, it softens the hair and makes it more resistant to dandruff.
  • Sweet almond oil: very rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it has softening and soothing properties.

Treat your hair with our detangler with argan oil and let it regain its softness and beauty of yesteryear!

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