Body care with argan oil with orange blossom

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Body care with argan oil with orange blossom 130ml

The argan oil organic to the orange blossom is a care that helps to moisturize the skin and promote collagen.

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This body care oil consists of a mixture of argan oil and neroli oil. It is the result of a distillation carried out by steam, a process frequently used in perfumery. This natural oil is both pure and fragrance-free. It has been cold-pressed respecting the artisanal tradition within Moroccan Berber cooperatives.

The benefits of body care with argan oil with orange blossom

The argan allows to repair and regenerate the skin thanks to its composition rich in vitamin E. It also has antioxidant virtues that help prevent aging and fragility of the skin. It prevents the skin from sagging by promoting the production of collagen. Neroli helps to lighten and give radiance to the skin. It also allows to regenerate the skin and to calm it.

Ingredients of body care with argan oil with orange blossom

This product is composed exclusively of ingredients of natural origin and sustainable agriculture. Ecocert certified this product does not contain any GMOs or additives harmful to the skin such as parabens, silicone, or perfume. It is exclusively made of argan oil and neroli from organic farming.

To regain a beautiful complexion and plumped skin, apply only a few drops all over your body. This body treatment will nourish your skin and give it all its suppleness.

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