Cucumber Scrub 150gr

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Cucumber Scrub 150g

To keep your skin clean and fresh all year round, it is important to take care of it every day. Exfoliating your skin is one of the essential steps to a healthy epidermis, so why not choose a natural product with cucumber?

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This product of the brand love nature comes in packaging made from recyclable plastic, which allows preserving all its virtues. This one is used on the face previously humidified by making small massages, once or twice a week. Moreover, it is formulated to suit all skin types.

The benefits of cucumber scrub

This product has many benefits. Thus, it will make it possible to cleanse your face in-depth. It will then be rid of all its dead cells and will recover all its radiance. The appearance of your pores will also be diminished and your skin will look smooth and soft.

Ingredients of cucumber scrub

It contains a natural extract of cucumbers as well as glycerin for its moisturizing properties. It is formulated without silicone or paraben and is completely biodegradable. In addition, the exfoliating particles it contains are also natural.

If you wish to integrate into your beauty routine, an effective and natural cleaning product, do not hesitate anymore and choose this scrub based on cucumbers.

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