Rituel Bebère

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Ritual Berber

1h30 Berber massage and 30min feet bath

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35,00 €

  • 2H
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Triple
  • Group of 4


The description of the Berber ritual

It takes place in several phases. The first focuses on the feet and legs with a bath of warm water where plants with relaxing medicinal virtues have been infused. A tea or herbal tea with herbs from Morocco accompanies you during this remedial moment.

Then comes the time to massage your body in its entirety with fatty oils like argan oil. Different essential oils are added according to the objective sought. The whole is slightly heated before application on the body for more comfort and efficiency. The masseur applies a slight pressure for a deep work, without disturbing the feeling of relaxation and decompression.</

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