Anti-pain cream 50g

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Anti-pain cream 50g

A pain cream based on natural argan oil from the argan trees of Morocco. Rich in eucalyptus this cream will soothe your pain.

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The anti-pain cream is very effective in relieving affections related to muscular and articular rheumatism.

The benefits of the anti-pain cream

Say goodbye to your pain and discomfort caused by physical activities, this pain cream sanitizes your skin and cures acne. The pain cream quickly relieves your pain without side effects. Based on argan it calms the pains of your joints and tendonitis as well as back, hand, and leg discomfort.

Ingredients of the anti-pain cream

Whether aches, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, or wrong movements, this pain cream quickly relieves your pain based on argan that acts on your body quickly and permanently.

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