Argan-based night cream

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Argan-based night cream

If having beautiful skin is one of your concerns, let's discover together the night cream based on argan. You will already be seduced at first sight by its rather aesthetic packaging.

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The night cream is enclosed in a small white circular jar which already expresses all the originality of the product. The whole is packed in a gold-colored cardboard box that shows the beauty of the product and the well-being that can be derived from it.

The benefits of Argan-based night cream

The night cream based on argan is particularly rich in organic argan oil, which allows your skin to recharge itself during the night. Its action is much more perceptible at night because of the skin's ability to react more effectively at this time of day when the body's organs are at rest. In addition, it moisturizes your skin and makes it radiant and beautiful. The oleic acid, linoleic acid, unsaturated fats, and the argan oil that it contains gives your skin a better suppleness. This cream is also known for its various relaxing properties.

Ingredients of Argan-based night cream

The ingredients of this night cream are varied. Among them are argan oil, orange bitter, orange blossom water, natural vitamin E, soybean oil, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, to name only these main constituents. These different ingredients give it the great satisfaction you will get from its use.

For the well-being of your skin, choose the night cream with argan oil for precise and satisfactory action.

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