Argan oil anti-hair loss 100ml

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Argan oil anti-hair loss

The argan tree "tree of life" is a tree that grows only on Moroccan territory. Argan oil is extracted from it and is a popular remedy because of its many qualities.

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Argan oil anti-hair loss is composed of natural ingredients that are particularly interesting for the hair, due to the strong presence of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. The fatty acids nourish the heart of the hair fiber which in turn reflects light better and the hair regains its shine.

The benefits of argan oil anti-hair loss

Argan oil provides and brings essential nutrients to the hair, since it contains several ingredients that act and strengthen the hair while preventing hair loss. Its benefits are not limited to revitalizing the hair but also protect the scalp from external aspects, such as pollution. Argan oil is composed of sterol (schotténol) which is considered a skin regulator that revitalizes cells and restarts their activity (the fight against hair loss).

Ingredients of argan oil anti-hair loss

Argan oil anti-hair loss is composed of omega 3 and 9 fatty acids from the natural oil, which penetrate intensely into the hair shaft to care for your hair and prevent dryness and hair loss. The application of argan oil revitalizes and fortifies the hair as well as its regrowth. For both men and women, argan oil anti-hair loss stimulates the production of keratin, which is the main constituent of hair.

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