Argan shampoo for dry hair 200ml

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Argan shampoo for dry hair 200ml

Having trouble choosing the right shampoo for your dry hair? Adopt the right product to nourish your hair and give it the necessary care.

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Having a very nourishing virtue, the shampoo with argan oil is a new product designed to moisturize deep inside your dry hair. For its use, apply it on your wet hair then massage well to ensure its performance and finally finish with a delicate rinse. If you wish to obtain more results, it is recommended to apply it either with a mask of argan oil without composition, or with hair oil.

The benefits of argan shampoo for dry hair

Effective in restoring life to dry or damaged hair, this shampoo strengthens hair. In addition to its nourishing quality, it also brings a touch of shine to your hair. For those who have problems of important hair loss, the burdock which composes this shampoo makes it possible to solve this kind of problem since it acts to revive the scalp well.

Ingredients of argan shampoo for dry hair

Regarding the composition, it contains argan oil organic in abundance which gives it the very nourishing side. In addition, it also contains an extract of burdock that penetrates the scalp and promotes regrowth. In each box, it has 200 ml of capacity.

If you want to revive your hair and nourish it intensely, choose the argan shampoo.

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