Argan shampoo - oily hair

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Argan shampoo - oily hair

Argan oil shampoo for oily hair. Its formula based on argan and natural ingredients helps regulate sebum production, deep cleanse and nourish hair, leaving it revitalized, soft and radiantly healthy.

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Discover our Argan Shampoo, an effective solution to oily hair. Our exclusive formula, enriched with pure argan oil and plant extracts, works gently to eliminate excess sebum and impurities, without drying or harshening your hair.

Argan oil's regulating properties help balance sebum production, keeping your hair fresh and clean for longer. What's more, the essential nutrients present in argan oil nourish your hair deep down, restoring strength, shine and vitality.

Enjoy light, airy and pleasantly scented hair with our Argan Shampoo.

  • Formula based on pure argan oil and plant extracts
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Deep cleans without drying
  • Nourishes and revitalizes hair
  • Suitable for daily use
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