Oil beard 50ml

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Beard oil 50ml

The beard requires special treatment. It is best to use a product with several dermatological and cosmetic qualities.

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The beard oil is a natural product that comes from a specific tree and native to Morocco. It is sold in bottles of 125 ml. It contains quality serum. It is the product to choose for the hydration of facial hair. Its use is quite simple: 3 to 5 small drops are enough. The serum must be warmed in the hands before being applied to the area to be treated.

The benefits of beard oil

The argan oil for the beard is a natural and soft serum. It is a healthy product for the skin. It protects it and acts directly at the root of the hair. The hair will enjoy an important revitalization. There is no prickly fleece sensation when applying this oil. The result obtained is satisfactory: a nourished and shiny beard.

Ingredients of beard oil

The beard oil is obtained with a cold pressure in order to preserve the basic properties of argan oil. All its ingredients come from organic farming and natural origin. This product may contain grape seed (an effective anti-inflammatory) or almond (to reduce itching) and has a minimal or neutral fragrance.

Choose this serum and enjoy a soft beard!

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