Black Soap 200gr

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Black Soap 200g

The black soap, an unbeatable natural cosmetic ally for your skin. Whether for the maintenance of your home or to take care of your epidermis by excluding harmful products, this soap is a must in your bathroom.

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This product has been in use for 3,000 years and its design comes from the lands of North Africa. Of natural plant origin, it comes in two forms. With a liquid consistency, it is suitable as a household product. On the other hand, for skin care, it will be solid or fairly malleable with a fairly pasty feel.

The benefits of black soap

The benefits of this cosmetic agent are numerous. This soap allows you to take care of your skin through different uses. Diluted with water, it allows you to gently cleanse your face and body while providing hydration and protection. It can also be used as a scrub to remove dead skin cells. In addition, as a daily mask for 5 minutes on your face, it helps to eliminate wrinkles, because of its high vitamin E content.

Ingredients of black soap

The black soap is obtained from a mixture of several oils and black olives, as well as potash and salt. All these ingredients are natural and to get the best out of this product, it is best to choose it certified organic.

This natural solution will take care of you, your home and the environment; start using this soap today: trying it is adopting it!

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