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You can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to display a warning on the screen when each cookie is received to decide whether you want it to be saved to disk Your computer. To do this, we suggest that you consult the help section of your browser to learn how to modify the current configuration. In addition, you can use blocking tools for tracking cookies, such as "do not track".

In addition, you may revoke your consent to the use of cookies from Vueling at any time by configuring your browser in the following way: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the "Tools" menu option , Select "Internet Options" and "Privacy".

If you are using Firefox: on Mac, in the "Preferences" option, select "Privacy" and click on "Show Cookies"; Under Windows, in the "Tools" option, select "Options", then "Privacy" and "Use Custom Settings for History".

If you are using Safari, in the "Preferences" option, select "Confidentiality".

If you use Google Chrome, in the "Tools" option, select "Options" ("Preferences" on Mac), then "Advanced options", "Content settings" in the "Privacy" section, and "Content Settings" dialog box.

Subject to the above, be aware that disabling cookies may impede the proper functioning of certain sections of the website and the app.