Cream against cracks 50g

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Cream against cracks 50g

A crevice cream that brings you solutions to the multiple problems of cracks, extreme dehydration, lack of water, or fat.

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The use of this cream will make you feel immediate relief from the notches of the skin (redness of the hands when breastfeeding in cold periods).

Benefits of the cream against cracks

A moisturizing cream that serves to moisturize dry skin, healing the cracks in your skin due to dehydration. For damaged, very dry, and irritated skin, this cream is an effective dermatological treatment for cracks in fingers and toes. It is a treatment especially recommended for breastfeeding women.

Ingredients of the cream against cracks

Having no side effects, the crevice cream has been created with lemon, which will heal your irritations and relieve pain. It facilitates the oxygenation of your skin thanks to a hydrating barrier that slows down the evaporation of the water contained under your skin.

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