Cream of prickly pear pepins 50gr

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Cream of prickly pear seeds

Help your skin regain its elasticity and beauty with this incredibly nourishing face cream. Composed of prickly pear seeds, it is filled with moisturizing nutrients known to balance and soften skin.

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A true remedy for wrinkled skin, the incredible formula of this cream helps regenerate skin cells and stimulate collagen production. With prickly pear oil as its main component, the vitamin E provided by the latter acts against radicals that are dangerous for the skin and ensures that it remains healthy. A daily application embellishes the aspect of the skin and considerably reduces the number of imperfections.

The benefits of Prickly pear pepin cream

This anti-wrinkle product rejuvenates the skin in a very natural way. The prickly pear seeds are known for their healing effect, they reinforce the skin's capacity to renew itself for an optimal result! Your skin is wonderfully moisturized, rejuvenated and also regains its elasticity.

Ingredients of Prickly pear pepin cream

Prickly pear oil : rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, acts actively against premature skin aging. It also provides unprecedented hydration.

Help your skin regain its balance and health with this unique skin care product.

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