Organic roasted argan oil 250ml

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Culinary argan oil

The flavor of the dishes is based on the quality of the products used by the chef. For some time now, argan-based oils are beginning to prove their worth. Would you like to try?

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The bottle of culinary argan oil has been made from the almonds of the argan tree fruits. To gain more flavor, they have been roasted and roasted. Note also that this oil can be used in the preparation of all types of dishes (hot and cold). Moreover, the oil made from natural argan combines perfectly the finesse and delicacy. It can also be used by people following a strict diet. In addition, consuming argan oil will give you health and well-being. Thanks to its unique composition, it will reveal another aspect of high gastronomy.

The benefits of culinary argan oil

Eating dishes cooked with argan oil can be beneficial to you. Thanks to its anticoagulant virtues, it prevents the appearance of cardiovascular disease. Cold-pressed, argan oil is also suitable for people suffering from overweight.

Ingredients of culinary argan oil

The bottle contains 80% unsaturated fatty acid. Compared to olive oil and sunflower oil, it contains more linoleic and oleic acid. Also, note that oils containing argan contain a very high level of vitamin E.

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