Réfléxologie plantaire

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Foot reflexology

Give yourself a session of foot reflexology techniques in Agadir

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  • 45min
  • 1H15
  • Solo
  • Duo


Foot reflexology is a type of medical treatment from the Eastern countries. In particular, the Chinese practiced it for millennia and the benefits of this specific type of therapeutic massage are now recognized throughout the world.

What is foot reflexology?

It is a therapeutic method consisting of sustained pressure or a massage with the tips of the fingers on a given point or points of the feet in order to positively affect an organ of the body. Indeed, it is considered that each point of the toes is connected to an organ of the body and that for each organ there is a point corresponding to the part of the toes.

Reflexology, an idispensable source of well-being

Like acupuncture and shiatsu, this therapeutic method is intended to provide general relief to a part of the human body. So you can adopt it if you are looking for an iron health. Among other benefits, it :

  • Promotes good blood circulation
  • Improves the balance of the body by harmonizing the vital functions
  • Relieves bodily and psychological tensions for better sleep
  • Fully activates the body
  • Improves the activity of the brain

A reflexology session takes place as follows:

  • You lie down or you stay in a sitting position
  • A general touch is then carried out by the practitioner in order to determine already the sensitive points and the organs to work with
  • Then the practitioner goes to the massage by applying more or less sustained pressures and by stimulating the concerned points

Enjoy a good reflexology session during your stay

Enjoy your stay in Agadir to get your body in good shape with our Argan Palace massage center. We put at your disposal our experienced and professional staff who will provide you the best care.

These treatments are applied delicately and professionally so that the tensions and knots of your organs are totally untied. This results in a reactivation of your flow of energy.

Our massage center in Agadir is at your disposal and welcomes you warmly.

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