Honey scrub 150ml

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Honey scrub 150g

Are you looking for a 100% natural exfoliator to cleanse your face? The honey is perfectly adapted to sensitive skins.

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The virtues of the product of the hive on the skin are known. It is more and more used in the hygiene of the skin of the face. In addition to cleansing the face by removing dead cells, the honey scrub is a method of preparing the skin to optimally receive the moisturizing and nourishing treatments you wish to apply.

The benefits of honey scrub

100% natural, economical and effective care, the honey scrub allows to have a soft, supple and satiny skin in all seasons of the year. In winter, it warms dry skin by eliminating the sebum generated by dead cells. In summer, it prolongs the tan and preserves the skin clean and free of red spots.

Ingredients of honey scrub

The minerals, vitamins and amino acids contained in this natural exfoliating product give it its regenerating and antioxidant properties. Mixed with a little granulated sugar, it is ideal to cleanse particularly problem skin, such as skin with wrinkles, blackheads, too dry or oily.

If the method is effective in soothing and lightening the skin of the face, why not adopt it for the whole body?

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