Massage pour Femme Enceinte

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Pregnancy Massage

The massage for pregnant women is common to our traditions,that's why we wish to put it at your service in the heart of our massage center.

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35,00 €

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  • 1H30
  • Solo


Massage for pregnant women: a unique treatment

Whether it is tension in the kidneys, pain in the shoulders, migraines, the extent of our care will adapt to your needs. Our argan oil, applied in a traditional atmosphere, have a relaxing and well-being effect on the body, both immediate and perennial: ideal to decrease the effect of heavy legs and contractions like nausea, coming from hormone changes related to pregnancy.

Rediscover your body in a sensual way! Do not hesitate to book your relaxation session now with our talented masseurs!

Your well-being at our massage center

Inspired by these two multi-year traditions, our massage center in Agadir offers the future mother the care adapted to the new sensations she experiences. Pregnancy is an important period in the life of a woman when she has to take care of herself, to take better care of the baby that grows into her.

The future mother is offered a relaxing massage adapted to the evolution of her body: wedged on the side with the help of a pregnancy cushion, the pregnant woman is placed so that a better treatment of her tensions and pain be performed by our masseuses. Our body care can be renewed after the arrival of the baby, for a sensual reappropriation of body.

Agadir, Argan Palace and the tradition of massage

The Orient countries and Maghreb are known for their tradition of hammam and massages adapted to all stages of life. Argan Palace, located in Agadir, in the heart of Berber and Arab traditions, offers you both to benefit from the richness of local and natural products, such as argan oil, but also the diversity of our beauty treatments and wellness.

The pregnancy massage is common to our traditions, that' s why we wish to offer it at our massage center.</

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