Prickly pear detangler

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Prickly pear detangler 200ml

When you take care of your hair, you in turn take care of your physique. So you give yourself a better look. Let's discover together the prickly pear detangler.

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The condition of your hair has a very determining role in your beauty. When you take care of it properly, you give yourself a beautiful image. The product that we offer you has all the characteristics of an effective detangler based on barbary fig. It is found in a cylindrical bottle, usually white in color, covered with a green and black sticker with colors. Its use remains very easy and adapted to the needs of different users.

The benefits of prickly pear detangler

The detangling care deeply nourishes the hair. It detangles the hair as well as possible by bringing shine, suppleness, and softness. Also note that thanks to the regenerating capacity of the barrel oil, it allows a smoothing and precise curling of the hair. It also protects against the various damages of the hair related to exposure to the sun. In addition, note that this product with barrel oil treats itching and dandruff problems. A product with multiple benefits.

Ingredients of prickly pear detangler

It is composed mainly of barrel oil. The latter has several properties for the well-being of the hair. It also contains a group of antioxidant vitamins. Their role is to moisturize and cleanse the scalp.

The stretch to the barrel figure is the ideal product to take care of your hair. Contact us to get some.

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