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Prickly Pear Oil

Capacity : 30ML

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The prickly pear oil penetrates easily and is well absorbed by the skin, it exerts a powerful regenerating and restructuring action. The antioxidant activity of this prickly pear oil reinforces its protective properties anti-pollution and anti-solar stress. The prickly pear oil is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids (EFA). These substances are valuable because they help to fight against the skin dryness, to improve hydration, to slow the skin aging process and to prevent the formation of wrinkles. The prickly pear oil is a very powerful anti wrinkle and a remarkable skin tensor. Berber women used it to heal and protect their skin from the burning wind of the desert. The prickly pear oil is also recommended for bust care (firming). The smell of prickly pear oil is natural no dyes or conservants.

Properties of the prickly pear oil which is:
• Anti wrinkle.
• Healing.
• Nourishing.
• Firming.
• Moisturizing.
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