Massage Amincissant

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Slimming Massage

Care has real virtues on body and mind.

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35,00 €

  • 1H
  • 1H30
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Triple
  • Group of 4


Focus on slimming massage

The Argan oil remains the basic product for a draining care. So the masseur/euse will firstly clean the surfaces to be massaged (eg body and / or face) with littlle water and soap. He will then use the argan oil with small touches to nourish the skin and to facilitate the massage.

The aim is to target the badly irrigated areas, for example, persistent cellulite. The pressure of the fingers of the masseur on the body will activate the circulation and reduce the risks of congestions of the edema.

The real benefits of the slimming massage

This slimming treatment at the Argan Palace center offers visible result at the end of a single session (between 1h and 1h30). The skin is re-pulped with a visible radiance! In addition, certain zones with adipose tendency lose thickness thanks to the effective action of the session.

Of course before the performance, an extreme sweating session (hammam or sauna) allows you to clean and relax the body.

Presentation of the Argan Palace massage center

The ancient techniques of hot or cold bathing and massages are successfully practiced here at Argan Palace, a wonderful center for massage. The goal is to use the local products (the Argan soap, rose petal oil, prickly pear, lemon essence, argan oil ...) to sublimate the body.

Some techniques with localized massages help relieve pain, draining a part of the body.
The hammam and the sauna are available to supplement the session. It is true that, the staff at the center can do little for the guests in comparison with the effect created by the herbs. The goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere with a taste of mint tea at the end of the session.

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