Rituel Bebère

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Sultana Ritual

Hammam extra power + Slimming massage + Face care + pedicure and manicure

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100,00 €

  • 4H
  • Solo


Live the preparations for the Moroccan beauty

The real strengths of massages

This slimming treatment at the Argan Palace center offers visible result after a single session (between 1 and 2 hours). The skin is re-pulped with a visible radiance! In addition, certain zones with adipose tendency lose a little thickness thanks to the effective action of the session. Of course before the performance, an extreme sweating session (hammam or sauna) allows to clean and relax the body.

The Moroccan hammam, a true care with oriental fragrances

If you only know the bath or shower, you will be pleasantly surprised by this "bath". Sit in a warm, humid room. Buckets are available to sprinkle you with cold or hot water.

After a few minutes, your skin will be ready for a first care: black soap wrap (soap made from olive oil). Then you will be wrapped with a generous layer of ghassoul from head to toes for a few minutes. Mixed with water, this fragrant local clay turns into a very soft paste that is pleasant to the body. In a typical setting, you will not notice the time pass! Our Argan Palace massage center in Agadir reserves the most expert hands for you to make this moment unforgettable.
Face care and manicure pedicure
Complete your session with a complete facial and a manicure and pedicure.</

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