The four hands Massage

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The four hands Massage

You will be able to discover an extraordinary relaxing benefit at Argan Palace, the 4 hands massage!

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45,00 €

  • 45min
  • 1H15
  • Solo


The 4 hands massage and its origins

This relaxing massage is provided in our massage center in Agadir, Argan Palace. In addition to the classic massage you know, this technique is practiced with four hands by two masseuses synchronizing their gestures to give your body the fullness that you will never reach.

Extremely ancient, this technique has diverse origins from Japan, China, Bali, Sweden, California and many other places. It has proved its worth all over the world and it is appreciated by all because it relaxes all the muscles of the body.

Sequence of the session in our massage center

This technique with argan oil is practiced on a table where you are comfortably installed. Two masseuses come on your right and your left. Their gestures are completely synchronized to relax you at the maximum. If you want to have a slim figure, then the massage will be a little different because the gestures are more focused but just as effective to relax as much as possible.

Benefits of 4-hand massage

Your body will be modeled for 45 minutes till 1:15 by four hands. The two masseuses choose their movements in perfect harmonization so that the left and the right parts of your body are subjected to the same massages and the same rhythm. Thanks to this special technique your body is massaged with argan oil in this superb massage center of Agadir. The two masseuses will apply the palpate roll to help get the adipose tissue off. In addition, the muscle relaxation is tenfold and you will feel a great feeling of well-being. You can order these sessions online.

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