Massage Tonique

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Tonic Massage

Get rid of tensions with tonic massage.

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30,00 €

  • 1H
  • 1H30
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Triple
  • Group of 4


A tonic massage that stimulates the whole body

This service, that can last from one to 1 hour and 30 minutes, is done with the help of the cosmetic argan oil, with a mixture of verbena, known for its relaxing virtues. It is practiced on the whole body, which allows the maneuvers to have a more interesting effect on the muscles. The movements consist of palpers-rollers, an energetic kneading of different zones of the body, as well as pressures and percussions. It is usually possible to enjoy alone or in duo this particular moment of wellness.

Getting rid of fatigue and regain energy with a tonic massage

The objective of this kind of massage is double, since it is both for relaxation and for revitalization. This is the ideal service if you have stress problems or if you have difficulty to feel energic. The tonic massage helps undo the nervous nodes that sometimes cause muscle pain. Its invigorating effect will give you back the tone and will instantly remove all the fatigue accumulated on your daily basis. Your body will look lighter, more supple and invigorated. In duo, this can also be the occasion of a session of relaxation privileged between friends or between lovers.

Replenishing your body after physical exertion with a tonic massage

This massage is also very suitable for athletes, whose body regularly undergoes intense efforts and often suffers from muscle aches and fatigue. Repeated energetic pressure on painful areas helps to eliminate toxins, relax muscles and relieve the body. Moreover, the blood circulation is stimulated and the limbs recover their lightness. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or whether you have just passed through a long physical activity that you were not used to, this high-end moment of well-being is ideal for regenerating the body and soothing the mind.

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