Rituel Bebère

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Toning Ritual

Traditional Hammam + Tonic Massage + Slimming Massage

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70,00 €

  • 3H
  • Solo
  • Duo


Focus on a slimming treatment

Argan oil remains the basic product for a draining care. So the masseur will gently clean the surfaces to be massaged (eg body and / or face) with little water and soap at first. He will then use argan oil with small touches to nourish the skin and facilitate the massage. The aim is to target the badly irrigated areas with, for example, persistent cellulite. The pressure of the fingers of the masseur on the body will activate the circulation and reduce the risks of congestions of the edema.

The Moroccan hammam, a true care with oriental fragrances

If you only know the bath or shower, you will be pleasantly surprised by this "bath". Sit in a warm, humid room. Buckets are available to sprinkle you with cold or hot water.

After a few minutes, your skin will be ready for a first care: black soap wrap (soap made from olive oil). Then a generous layer of ghassoul will wrap you for a few minutes from head to toe. Mixed with water, this fragrant local clay turns into a very soft paste that is pleasant to the body. In a typical setting, you will not notice the time passing! Our Argan Palace massage center in Agadir reserves you the most expert hands to make this moment unforgettable.

Get rid of tensions with tonic massage

This service, which can last from one to two hours, is carried out with cosmetic argan oil, with a mixture of verbena, which relaxing virtues are recognized everywhere. It is practiced on the whole body, which allows the maneuvers to have a more interesting effect on the muscles. The movements consist of palpers-rollers, an energetic kneading of different zones of the body, as well as pressures and percussions. It is usually possible to enjoy alone or in duo of this particular moment of wellness.

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