Tooth whitening 30ml

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Tooth whitening 30ml

No longer live with yellow teeth, tooth whitening offers you a solution to whiten your teeth 100% natural.

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A natural recipe and a cosmetic formulation that quickly eliminates all superficial and deep stains, without weakening or damaging your teeth in just a few applications.

The benefits of Tooth Whitening

This whitening product allows you to maintain your smile in the best possible way and instantly fights against yellowish stains and accentuates the whiteness of your teeth. This tooth whitener is a natural formula that gently removes tartar and stains from the outer part of the crown of your teeth (enamel).

Tooth Whitening Ingredients

Tooth whitening is a mixture of anaïs and charcoal powder, which helps strengthen enamel to result in better oral health. Based on natural ingredients, this product will allow you to remove unwanted stains on your teeth and ensure long-term tooth whitening.

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