Rituel Bebère

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Beauty Ritual

Traditional Hammam + Berber massage + Face care + manicure and pedicure

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80,00 €

  • 3H30
  • Solo


Berber massage, an ancestral tradition

When talking about Berber massage, it is no doubt that we also talk about tradition.This practice comes to us from the nomads of the East, people who traveled long distances, every day in full sun under strong heat or in the cold season. So it was a way to relax and soothe the muscles. Far from being a passing fashion among many others dedicated to holidaymakers, it is addressed to all, local people and tourists.

The Moroccan hammam, a true care with oriental fragrances

If you only know the bath or shower, you will be pleasantly surprised by this "bath". Sit in a warm, humid room. Buckets are available to sprinkle you with cold or hot water.

After a few minutes, your skin will be ready for a first care: black soap wrap (soap made from olive oil). Then you shall be wrapped from head to toes with a generous layer of ghassoul for a few minutes. Mixed with water, this fragrant local clay turns into a very soft paste that is pleasant to the body. In a typical setting, you will not notice how the time passes! Our Argan Palace massage center in Agadir reserves the most expert hands to make this moment unforgettable.

Face care and manicure pedicure

Continue your session with a complete facial and a manicure pedicure.

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